The Mahabharata

Pan-Asian Intercultural Theatre Project

Hiroshi Koike, the renowned Japanese Director and Choreographer will produce the second chapter of his Mahabharata project from India. Theatreconnekt will be Indian producers of the project.

The 4-part Mahabharata project of Hiroshi Koike was commissioned in 2013. The first chapter produced in collaboration with Amrita Performing Arts, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, was premiered in July 2013.

In the second chapter, Hiroshi will focus on ‘Vanaparva’ of Mahabharata commencing from the ‘game of dice’ to the end of 13 years’ ‘exile of Pandavas’. The two-month long production process is in progress from 20 November, at Thrissur, Kerala.

Some of the most talented and accomplished artistes from Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and India constitute a rare combination of creative team. Created in physical theatre-the form which Hiroshi is popular world-over; will have its premiere in the prestigious International Theatre Festival of Kerala, on 12 January 2015.

Hiroshi on the Mahabharata Project:

“The importance of Asian way of thought or an Asian sense is much more significant than ever, in the contemporary world. In order to find a common recognition among various Asian countries, Mahabharata is a most appropriate work, which has the essence of Asian thought, philosophy and sensibility. In the past, the Asian countries those had been communicating with the world (through the Silk Route) have developed their own distinctive culture, which is rich in compassion and tolerance. By taking lessons from this history, the purpose of ‘Mahabharata Project’ is to derive a new perspective to this history and also to re-discover what we had and search what we have.

It is my wish to send this message to the world through this creation, with a wish for a better world”.

Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project (KIKH)






KIKH (Hiroshi Koike Bridge Project) is founded by Hiroshi Koike, who closed his former organization “Pappa TARAHUMARA” in 2012, after 30 years of its artistic excellence. Started afresh in June 2012, KIKH not only produces performing arts, but also apply various media, such as film, photography, installation works and writings. By means of events, lectures, workshops, and educational programs, KIKH aims at educating people who can “think through their BODY” and create a bridge between the world, the time and the culture through artistic collaboration internationally. To know more, visit


The Creators




ITFoK(Thrissur) 12 Jan


NCPA(Mumbai) 14 Jan


DPAC(Kuala Lumpur) 17 & 18 Jan


Salihara(Jakarta) 23 & 24 Jan

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Mahabharata Project in Press

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