Not Our Business…???

Not Our Business…???
(Multilingual, Duration, 50mins)

Time: 7.30pm, 23 & 25 February,
Venue: Ramanilayam Premises.
International Theatre Festival of Kerala (ITFoK)-2017, Thrissur

Conception & Direction: Jaroslaw Siejkowski

Produced by: Theatreconnekt (India) & ArtJunction Foundation (Poland)
Supported by: Kerala Sangeetha Nataka Akademi


‘Not Our Business’ has been devised as an intercultural theatre workshop and production with a focus on the issues of social inequality, hunger and poverty.

Post 9/11 world over, issues of terrorism and extremism have interestingly become prioritized national/international issues – often addressed with paranoia and racism. It is also believed that hunger, poverty, underdevelopment and social disparities are the primary reasons for the prevailing unrest in several manifestations in the world. We are in fact facing this phenomenon worldwide.

The global system of distribution of wealth, and its influence on nature, political systems and communities in seemingly very distant areas is leading to conservation of the old and generation of new zones of social injustice and geographical dependence.

Today in the era of accessible global communication, easy information exchange and concomitantly its power to manipulate people, we cannot be unaware of these processes. We are part of it. We cannot say it is not our business.



In 2016 I read ‘Hunger’ – a book by Martin Caparros. This book left me ashamed of being, as I consider myself, a part of the ‘Developed World’ – and helpless. “How we can live knowing that all this has happened; and continues to happen?” –asks Caparros. But we are continuing our way of life; we are unable to change it, this exceeds our personal capacity for change. This book inspired me to co-organise a workshop wherein we could exchange our opinions, fears and emotions using simple theatre language. Artists, activists or just people who feel that something pinches them, came together in a beautiful silent village outside Thrissur called Kiralur. Here we attempted to discuss and work together, to try to find a language in open air theatre, to express our thoughts. This performance is the output of the workshop and the fruit of teamwork amongst the participants, whom I had the opportunity to lead. Every image you see is rooted in personal stories shared by the participants – all collected and composed as an outdoor performance: “Not our business…?”



Jaroslaw Siejkowski

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Actor, Culture Creator, Trainer, Pedagogue & Producer; Jaroslaw Siejkowski (1969) is the cofounder of ArtJunction Foundation, Poland. He is active also with Teatr Biuro Podrozy (TBP), one of the major theatre groups of Poland. At TBP, took a part in their creative collaborations such as Giordano, Carmen Funebre, Not of Us, Drink Vinnegar, Gentleman, Moonsailors, Millennium Mysteries, Manuscript Found in Saragossa, Eclipse, Pigs, Makbeth, HofD, Planet Lem, Danton’s Death, Master of Hunger, Silence, Bad City etc.

His other international ventures include Theater without Boundaries” Belarus,  Cuba, Lebanon, Palestine (2006-2009),  International Documentary Theater Project: „Chernobyl TM” (Belarus/Ukraine/Poland)(2007),  Relocation (Cork) Ireland (2005), Samhlaíocht (Knocknagoshel) – Ireland (2004), Planet Lem – Polish EU Presidency  cultural tour (2011), Helidra Meets the Dragon in the Street (2012-2014), Liberty Equality Brotherhood (2013-2015), Burning Flowers (India-2014)

He has lead several theatre creations on social issues, in several countries such as UK, USA, Ireland, Germany, Greece, France, Belarus, India, Iraq (Kurdistan), Iran, Russia, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Colombia. As an actor and theatre maker, he has a vast experience of working with people from diverse nationality, culture and ethnic back grounds living in conflict zones such as Amman, Beirut, Bogota, Lebanon, Turkey etc.


ArtJunction Foundation

ArtJunction Foundation, (Poland) was founded in 2012, by Barbara Pradzynska and Jaroslaw Siejkowski both experienced theatre artistes and cultural activists of Poland.

ArtJunction foundation (AJF) focuses on multicultural exchange, mutual tolerance, work with minorities and groups with a limited access to cultural and social resources. ArtJunction’s idea is to provoke and create actions against of discrimination and deprivation trough artistic expression. AJF collaborates with mostly independent artistes from diverse backgrounds and social activists from Poland and abroad as well.  AJF has done a number of projects with actors, communities, youth and kids, based on street theatre elements.

Since 2012 ArtJunction has created number of social project and workshops in Poland, Iraq, Romania, and Turkey; and collaborated with artists from Turkey, Germany, Romania, Hungary, and Mexico.From 2012 to 14, AJF worked with Academy of Arts, As-Sulaymanyia, (Northern Iraq) to train their students in street theatre and stilts.  In 2015, AJF prepared workshops with Syrian refugees, Kurdish, Arabic kids and youth of south-east Turkey. It was followed by number of theatre performances in local theatre festival and in Refugee Camp .

Presently AJF is working on a project for kids with illegal Gipsy settlements in Poland, to prepare them to integrate Gipsy community with Poles. Action was accompanied with social and formal support allowing their kids to attend the school in Poland and legalizing their parent status.  To know more, visit


Performed By:

Aami, Adithyan K Vishnu, Anazul, Aroop Sivdas, Manu S Plavila, Rushab Kamdar, Sanalkumar P, Simi Rajesh, Sureshbabu P, Vivek P N.


Project Coordination:

Rajan Ponnath.

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