Intercultural Street Theatre Performance Project

Invitation to Actors and other Theatre Artistes


Intercultural Street Theatre Performance Project

In collaboration with

ArtJunction Foundation – Poland.


Theatreconnekt and ArtJunction Foundation (Poland) invite theatre artists for their project ‘Not Our Business???’ based on contemporary social issues.


‘Not Our Business’ will essentially address the issues related to the social issues around us. It is inspired from the works of internationally renowned social scientists, agroecologists and investigative journalists like Martin Caparros (Argentina) Amartya Sen, P Sainath etc.


The project developed through workshop on modern performative techniques to devise street theatre as a tool in public communication& teamwork building – from idea to performance. This is to form a vibrant creative capable to create a narrative and performance through content and topic discussions and improvisation techniques to invoke the action and provoke the audience.
The project will be directed by Jaroslaw Siejkowski, a creator of many international art projects worldwide – since 1992 as part of Teatr Biuro Podrozy (Poland) and also in individual capacity. His artistic interventions in world conflict zones such as Turkey, Iran and Palestine etc., have been examples in contemplating theatre as a tool for social critique through provocation of collective memory and critical examination.


The project will be a rare opportunity to work closely with one of the most innovative theatre makers.


The project will complete in a duration of about 25 days in two sessions, spanning between 22 January to 05March 2017, and participants should be ready to work in residency during this period.


Previous experience in theatre is not mandatory. What we look for are investigative and explorative mind of a social critique, passion to perform, and strong aptitude to explorative theatre.


If interested, email your latest bio-data, recent portrait and full body photographs and a statement of purpose; stating why ‘Not Our Business’ is your business, in not more than 100 words, before 15 January.


Email ID:

Contact: +91 98471.88288



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