About Us

About Us

We are a group of people believe in the power of art, to challenge many of society’s deepest assumptions. Among all art practices, theatre and performance art has proved to be a powerful medium of artistic expression capable to cut through complacency and apathy, inspire political actions, facilitate dialogues, empower individuals and communities, and stimulate social change through critical thinking and increased consciousness.As the contemporary performance practices are undergoing multifaceted challenges, the necessity of intercultural and interdisciplinary collaborations are vital to cut cross the existing boundaries of artistic expressions to reinvent new languages. At Theatreconnekt, we intend to address this area by nurturing fresh and new aesthetic sensibilities, promoting innovative experiments and stimulating critical appreciation of theatre and performance-making art.


We envision delivering highest quality artistic creations to the people of all doctrine, to encourage them to dream, discover, create and celebrate the joy of theatre and performing arts and thus be empowered to interrelate, integrate and reinvent themselves for a superior understanding and experience of humanity.


Theatreconnekt works to foster a new entertainment culture, and aesthetic sensibility of theatre and performance art among the people of Kerala. It would achieve this by:

  • Constantly engaging in experimental, innovative and sustainable theatre practices.
  • Connecting theatre creatively across cultures and artistic disciplines
  • Congregating inspiration from our rich, diverse and emancipated tradition of arts and culture
  • Cultivating responsible participation of private players in art and culture.


  • To practice, develop and promote innovative theatre practice primarily through intercultural and interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • To create platform for practitioners to successfully equip themselves with various creative avenues of theatre making and production process.
  • To practice, facilitate and promote creative discourses and critical debates for a broader understanding of contemporary theatre practice with reference to global developments and local trends.
  • To establish suitable platform for the youth, in order to connect them comfortably and responsibly with theatre and performance art.
  • To collaborate with peer groups, by understanding local practices and its environment.
  • To create network of artistes and art organizations for better cooperation and collaborations to explore new vistas of artistic creativity, in order to reinvent and grow together.
  • To develop, practice and encourage artistes and groups to put in place a financially sustainable theatre culture with superior artistic and creative commitment to their audience.
  • To make people aware of the importance and necessity to support art and culture in order to make the society they live in more vibrant and humane.
  • To establish and run a documentation centre and resource library of textual and visual materials in order to gather, preserve and disseminate knowledge and information to augment the capacity of theatre and performance making organizations to strengthen their credibility and effectiveness.

We Practice:

  • Impart training in various faculties of theatre and performance making through workshops and residency programs.
  • Organize seminars, discourses and interactions with practitioners and pedagogues, in theatre and performance art.
  • Produce experimental works in theatre and performance art.
  • Design and implement art education programs for educational institutions.
  • Theatre based training and art programs at workplaces for HR development.
  • Management services for theatre and performance art productions and projects.
  • Curate, direct and organize theatre and performance art festivals and events.
  • Documentation and publication on theatre and performance art.